Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Favorite Things Swap

I recently participated in "My Favorite Things Swap", hosted by Wendi of Because Wendi Said So !!! The idea was to share at least three of your favorite things with your swap partner.

I gave this swap a lot of thought as I wanted it to reflect a little of who I am. At the same time I hoped to make it something my partner would like to receive. I also wanted to keep the cost down, which made it even more of a challenge!

So, what did I send?

  1. a book by a favorite author, 'The Hundred Secret Senses', by Amy Tan
  2. a handmade bookmark
  3. a couple of my favorite magazines
  4. I love making lists, and I love altered art, so I altered a small book for making lists
  5. one of my favorite pens
  6. my favorite hand cream
  7. my favorite tea
  8. my favorite room spray
  9. a copy of my favorite playlist from my iPod

A closer look at the altered book of lists.

Tulsi, I hope you enjoy these things - maybe even find a new favorite in it.

Wendi, thank you for hosting this, I'd love to do it again sometime.


Wendi said...

What a great package!
I love it!
I am sure she will too!
Can't wait to see what you got.
Thanks so much for participating!

Anonymous said...

How FUN is this swap!!! I'd love to get your Favorite Things package, it's all quite cool. Can't wait to see the box you get back! Do share!

Anonymous said...

Really nice stuff; I am envious of your partner! I didn't take pictures of mine; I'm hoping my swap partner will.

Tulsi said...

Terri, thanks so much for letting me know. We know the postmaster whom Steve gave this to. I know you said not to, but honestly.......... Just a an fyi since your son leaves soon. The PO will tell you not to list all of the items in the boxes that you send because of theft. Do list it all, and insure it. Even if it is notebook paper. We had a JAG who sent suits home and his wife ended up with two pairs of pants. He was told not to list. He found out that if you do, and insure it, they don't really touch it because they know someone is really paying attention. When Steve was in Afghanistan, I even insured candy. I apologize 10 times over. And I know better.

And I seriously love this package. I'm a little under the weather so the tea, magazines, and book are a godsend. I love that you made the bookmark! I just love these things. It was so fun.