Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is anyone still here?

It's been forever since I've posted, I know. I wasn't sure I would come back to blogging - the longer I was away from it, the harder it seemed to get back into it. I didn't intend to take such a long break, or any break at all really. Things just seemed to get busier than I'd expected. Murph went back to work and Bryn came home from Afghanistan (safe and sound). Then we decided to do a little remodeling/redecorating, that turned into a lot of remodeling/redecorating - it just got away from me!

Things are rather back to normal again, at least for a while! Brutus has moved to NC with Bryn.

Murph drove a U-Haul up with all his furniture, the pool table, things for his kitchen we'd found him, his surf board - all his goodies, a week or so earlier. Once he was settled he came back for Brutus and his bike.He looks pretty happy in the passenger seat next to his buddy, doesn't he? Bryn said he was good for the entire trip - about 7 hours. He's settling in nicely.
This little guy was dropped off in our front yard at the end of June. He had a note on his collar, "I am a good boy. I need a home and love." I wonder how long they watched my house before they realized what a sucker for dogs I am! LOL! We've named him Jake and after a few rough patches he's fitting in nicely and getting along with the girls.
This is the only piece of artwork I've managed since April! I can't believe it myself. I collaged two chipboard pages from a chipboard book by Maya Road. It's the first time I've tried some of the layering techniques here. Since I made it in early September, I went with kind of a school theme.

Yeah, the theme becomes more apparent on the insides!
And the back - I love that little girl with the HUGE bow in her hair!

Thanks for checking back - I'm sure I can do better at posting on a more regular basis!