Monday, September 29, 2008

Aqua and Red Fall Swap

I love aqua and red! My studio is painted a shade of aqua/turquoise and I have used red accents throughout. It's my favorite place to hang out. My BFF, Studio Rose, also known as the Swap Minion, found this swap for me to join. It's hosted by Apron Thrift Girl, you can find the details here.

Over the weekend I went to my favorite vintage shops and found some of the things above. Some of the things I pulled from my studio. I found the little wooden bowls, the white one you see is aqua on the outside. They are just too cute! I also bought the little leather journal, the aqua cloth and the red tin votive holder. The large box in the back is more green than aqua, but it's so nice, I couldn't resist.

The picture frame sits on my work table and is my favorite photo of Stella, my American Bulldog.
She has such a big smile! That's because she was running and playing and is all dirty! She loves getting dirty! She does not however, love a bath! She refuses to move. She walks in the shower stall, sits down and that's it! She's very sweet about it and will lick my hand or nuzzle my neck, she doesn't try to escape or shake water all over, but she's not going to budge! At 80 lbs. of solid muscle, if she doesn't want to move, I'm not making her! I have to be creative and sweet talk her and we get the job done.

I gave all three of the inside dogs baths yesterday. Brutus was a sweetheart. He's just happy someone is paying attention to him! He's not fond of water, really. When he goes out back with me and I start to water the plants, he runs up and waits by the door - heaven forbid I should get him wet! But he handles a bath with no trouble.

This is the one that causes the most trouble! Yep, the tiny little Boston Terrier! Seriously, not the Pit Bull or the American Bulldog - no, it's Gracie! She gets her bath in the bathtub - a large very old claw foot tub. At first she thinks it's all fun and games! She's having a drink and giving me kisses, rolling over so I can rub her belly. Then all of a sudden it's not so much fun and she tries to escape! But wait, there's soap all over her, so she shakes, then tries to escape again! She is a mess! I am triumphant, I've dealt with tougher customers than this!

All three puppies clean, their beds washed, fresh bedding in the kennels - it's not a job for the faint of heart, I tell you!

Oh yeah, back to the aqua & red swap - I have until November 12th to mail my package. I'm sure I'll find lots more goodies by then. The question is, will I be able to part with any of them? LOL! You can sign up for this fun swap until October 8th - go ahead! You know you want to!


Anonymous said...

Great pup photos! Love 'em!!! Also, the combination of aqua and red is one of my favorites. You managed to find lots of nice things for this swap, I wish I was the recipient in the swap!