Friday, September 12, 2008

I Promised You a Better Picture!

It's been busy around here since I last posted! Here's the picture I promised you of Bryn's bike and just for fun, here's another! Okay, maybe 2! (For the record, they do wear helmets, just not in the front yard for photo ops!)

You knew Murph was going to jump right on there right?

And you knew he wouldn't be happy staying in the front yard, but he said he'd just go around the circle park at the end of our road - the OTHER end of our road! He's such a bad example! (More Fay debris there on the right!)

We drove Bryn back to NC Sunday, not a bad trip, though it was hard to leave him there. In fact the trip was so not bad that when I realized I hadn't given Bryn the 6 pk of YooHoo! still left Murph said we should take it up to him one weekend!


Anonymous said...

Great idea to go back up to NC to bring the YooHoo! Go for it!
Love the photos. Very cool bike. Even cooler biker dudes :)
Btw, I never commented on the awesome bookmarks you made! love both fabrics, very nice!