Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ready for Spring

It has been very cold here. We had 3 or 4 nights with temperatures in the 20's for long periods of time. That may be normal for many places, but I live in Florida! And in an old drafty house! I'm so glad it's warmer now, so ready for Spring, so much so I bought these pretty hydrangeas to put on my front porch. (They are in an old enamel bucket I bought at my favorite antique/junque store, so if it freezes again, I can easily move them inside.)
When Bryn was in high school and driving himself to school, I used to make him muffins on cold winter mornings, put them in a lunch bag and hand them to him on his way out the door with a travel mug of hot chocolate. Bryn's long out of high school and far from home, but still, when I make muffins, I think of him.

These are from a recipe that StudioRose shared with me for pumpkin bread. It makes two loaves, but I learned you can also make a loaf and a dozen muffins just as easily. They are pumpkin muffins loaded with raisins and nuts - YUMMY!!
When it's cold outside, my cat, Ezra or Ez-Man, spends a lot more time inside. He still likes to keep an eye on what's going on outside - you know, a stray cat might try to come in our yard and Ezra will have none of that!

Earlier in the day there was sun streaming in the windows, so Brutus moved his bed right in the middle of it! He bunched it up and settled in. He's either too lazy to move it back or he's waiting for the sun to come back. Or maybe he knows I'll move it back eventually and save him the trouble.

I'm sure you can't tell from this photo, but Stella is wagging her tail to beat the band! I really don't let the dogs up on the furniture, but sometimes they just can't help themselves! It also doesn't help that I take a picture of them (because come on, aren't they cute?) and THEN make them get down! Oh well.


Anonymous said...

I can totally tell Stella is wagging her tail in that photo! ;) Love how they're all so cozy and comfy. Awww, I say let 'em stay on the furniture! They're just too darn cute not to let them have their way :)
Love the hydrangea -- so pretty in the bucket too. As for the pumpkin muffins and bread? I have one word. YUM.