Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Puppy Love

I decided to share some photos of our dogs this morning. I have some recent ones that I really like, but while I was looking for them I came across this one. It is so typically Brutus that I had to share. That is his bed and he was quite happy on it all by himself before Gracie joined him. The expression on his face lets you know he's not too happy to be sharing, but he's gonna be a good guy and let her stay.

This is Stella's big ol' head resting on the arm of my chair, with me in the chair. I think she wants some attention! (Either that or her tennis ball is under something and she needs my help.)
Stella and Gracie soaking up the sun!
There wasn't enough sun for Brutus, so he found his own little patch - right in the middle of my bed! Notice how he arranged the pillow for his maximum comfort! (And tossed my bear!)

Note: He's NOT allowed on the bed and yes, he knows it, but like all kids, he likes to push the envelope!


Anonymous said...

They are all too cute!!! Oh and just for the record, I say that Brutus can stay where he is. He looks so darn cute and comfy there on your bed you just gotta let him stay!

Anonymous said...

Awwww....Stella!!! What a sweet face. LOVE your new blog banner, btw!