Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cupcakes and Valentines

They opened a cupcake shop very close to my house, so close I could ride my bike there and back - if I had a bike that is! We stopped in over the weekend and since I couldn't make up my mind we got 2 Red Velvet, 2 Coconut, 2 Mounds Bar and 2 Peanut Butter Cup! Oh my gosh they are so good!

While I was there a little girl got a frosting shot! Can you imagine?

I joined a couple Valentine Swap's and have been busy putting them together - if I'm your partner in a Valentine Swap - Fair Warning! Stop reading now if you want to be surprised!
I actually made this composition book for a swap. The binding cover is vintage wallpaper trim. The tag on the cover came from One Bright Spot, an etsy shop. I guess you've probably noticed I'm really into using a little bling on everything I put together these days. I can't seem to help myself. I bought a good sized lot of vintage rhinestone buttons a while ago and am having such fun with them. After I had the composition book covered, I thumbed through the pages to make sure I hadn't glued any of them together and discovered I had journaled in this book! Breaks my heart to think I have to keep this pretty journal!
I think this one is every bit as nice, and hopefully my swap partner will like it as much. I had a roll of netting (is that what that's called?) on my table and thought it made a pretty closure. It can easily be snipped off if it isn't to her liking. (I checked for previous journaling BEFORE I covered this one - always a good plan!)
I enjoy putting together swap packages, you have to love the shopping! I always pick up a couple of things for myself and find a thing or two for my girlfriends, too, and to tuck in boxes for Bryn. Keeps me from waiting until the last minute, too.
After stitching together the mittens for the calendar pages I decided to try my hand at some other things, including these hearts. I've tucked a bit of Lavender in each one, just a little, as it can be overwhelming. I've also ordered an embroidery book so perhaps I can learn another stitch!

About those cupcakes - if I bought a bicycle, rode to the shop, had a cupcake and a cup of coffee, then had Murph come pick me up in the truck (who am I kidding, I can't ride a bike that far!) - would I use enough calories to make up for the cupcake?


Heidi Ann said...

Terri, The "journal" is darling!!!!...& the box you have made up just wonderful! What a lucky girl your partner is!!....I know from experience!!! :)...Stay warm!....heidi XO

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes look like they might equal a round trip of calories to burn them off! YUM!!!
Loving the swap items and especially the composition books. Very well done. Your swap partner will be thrilled, no doubt. Now. If only I could think of a way to frequent that cupcake shop with you! :)

Anonymous said...

YUM! The composition books are adorable! LOVE the felt hearts, too. (And I think it's time to get a bike, hmmmm?)