Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 Calendar Pages - Also Late, as Usual

For several years now, Studiorose and I have created calendars together. We each take six months and make two pages for each. Of course we know ahead of time which months we have, we actually have an entire year to put the pages together. Somehow we always run late and this year is no exception! To be honest, I'm still not finished! Since Studiorose posted her pages, I thought I would at least share what I have finished.
In January of 2008 I vowed that I would finish my pages in the month of 2008 they would represent in 2009. In February, inspired by Valentine's Day I put together my February 2009 pages. It was wonderful to have all the time in the world to spend working on them, getting them just the way I wanted. (As opposed to panic stricken that Lisa would be here in a few days and I still had pages to finish!)

In April I was inspired to work with beeswax and had so much fun playing around with different mediums - there is fabric, ribbon, netting, a transparancy, and a tape measure on these pages, mostly held together with beeswax. Lots of fun.
I don't always take a picture of my work in progress, but since I did with this one, I thought I'd share it with you here. You can see the difference beeswax makes.
In June I came across this vintage postcard and since I love working with 'bathing beauties' I decided to play around with it and came up with these pages. The netting behind the calendar and the postcard is glittery, but doesn't show up very well in the photo.

In August, I reverted back to my old habits and am now in catch up mode! I hate it when I do that! My goal now is to have these finished by the end of the month when Lisa and I get together. I'll post my pages as I get them done.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pages Terri. I especially love the use of beeswax and how pretty the nest looks. Gorgeous calendar pages -- I'll have to go see what StudioRose has done on hers!

Sonia said...

Love the calendar page, awesome work!!!!

Greetings, Sonia (Sony)