Wednesday, January 14, 2009

December 2009 Calendar Pages

Have you ever had an image in your mind of what you want to create and then somewhere during the process of creation, the project totally changes? That's what happened with the December pages. I had a couple of vintage images I've been looking forward to using on these pages, I even printed them. But the thought of mittens came to me while I was looking through papers and the next thing I knew I was looking for my felt, embroidery floss and tiny buttons!

While I had hoped to finish the pages yesterday, all I managed to finish were the mittens! If your hands were tiny enough, you could actually wear these!
The trim is vintage seam binding that I hand stitched into a ruffle pattern, it looks a lot harder than it is. I really enjoy hand stitching.

I didn't have two of of either the blue foil rectangles or the white lace rectangles, so these two pages are a little different. I think that's fine. I'd be hard pressed to choose a favorite.

The center of the blue pieces by the calendar are little rhinestones to 'match' the button holding the mittens in place on the top page.

What do you think the white lace . . . . .
Or the blue metallic?

Tomorrow maybe I can finish August or at least get a good start on it!


Sonia said...

Love the details.
Absolutely beautiful. Great Job.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous. The mittens are splendid! Hand-stitching suits you; you do it quite well.