Monday, January 18, 2010

The weather outside was frightful . . .

. . . but the fire was so delightful!

We have had historically cold temperatures here in Florida - hard freezes lasting several hours for more than a week. Granted other places have had much worse weather and snow to go along with it, but this is Florida! We aren't prepared! We don't own warm clothes! And boots? Forget about it! Okay, cute boots maybe, but nothing to keep your feet warm! Some homes don't even have central heat! No, I'm not kidding!

So what does one do? I for one, did as little as possible! I aimed my space heater at the comfy couch, curled up in a quilt with Gracie and Jake and started reading Stephen King's, "Under the Dome". When that got too scary I started watching "Sex and the City" on DVD - I made it through all 6 seasons AND the movie!

We've thawed out now, so to speak and I'm off the couch, but there's laundry and shopping to be done. I'll be back later this week, I just wanted to check in and thank all of you who have left comments - I love it when you do that!

Stay warm!!


Anonymous said...

How did you like Under the Dome? It was intense! Haven't had to turn on the space heater in a couple days now, happily. Here's to warmer weather!

Anonymous said...

Under the Dome is the next book to read on my list.
Glad it's warmed up up there!