Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here comes the sun. . .

We've been busy around here since thawing out. Maybe not Jake so much, unless you count chasing patches of sunlight to stretch out in.

I met with my landscape designer yesterday to go over her plan for my front side yard. It's beautiful! I cannot wait to see it finished. We'll probably start the end of February or the beginning of March. Everything she's chosen is native to our area, will do well in the Florida sunshine and droughts. Just about all the plants have something special about them, in that they attract birds, bees, and/or butterflies, some have berries, most flower - I think it's perfect! The flowers are all white - Oakleaf Hydrangea, Walter's Viburmum, Bridal Wreath with a little pink - Pink Perfection Camelia and Twist & Shout Hydrangea. There will also be blueberries and a thornless blackberry. Under our Cypress tree she's planning to put Variegated Algerian Ivy, which I love! Very excited!

I've also been fine tuning my studio - reorganizing, purging things I know I'll never use, finding better ways to store what I will use and most of all, trying to get rid of ugly clutter! I can't create in all that clutter! I've been in the room for 2 years now, and have a pretty good idea of what works for me and what doesn't. A redesign was in order. I ended up with a new desk and a new shelf which are now in place. I'm thinking I'll use my old desk - actually half a table - as a sewing table. I'm getting close to finishing up, as soon as I do, I'll post pictures.

My neighbor invited me to her knitting group last Tuesday - Loved That! Very nice group of ladies, very warm and welcoming. I've been knitting ever since and have even pulled out a couple knitting books to plan my next project - using my stash, of course!

Hoping you are enjoying your day!


scappyhappy said...

Can't wait to see your pictures. I too am trying to weed out and just plain pitch things. Living in a house for over 30 years, you do collect too much!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers. I love them all, especially the hydrangea and the pink perfection. Just gorgeous!
I am at a standstill in my organizing of my scrap room...hoping that the mood strikes again soon to just finish the chore!

yarnpaws said...

Found your blog from Ivas. I really enjoyed looking at your blog..I'm just learning to blog...I get frustrated sometimes. I love animals and adored your little sleeping baby, love the chair and style. Blessings. I will come back and enjoy again.