Monday, January 4, 2010

My Writing Table

Murph and I bought this little writing table, probably 10 years ago at a little antique shop in our neighborhood that is no longer open. We both love how it fills this little spot in our living room. When we started redecorating the room, we thought we might replace it as it's got a few bumps and bruises. We've been looking since June and haven't found anything we like nearly as much as this. Then we found a simple little chair!
As soon as we saw these little black chairs (yes, there are two of them) we knew we were painting the table black - the next day we were at Home Depot and within a few hours it was finished!
I love the little details on this writing table!
These little chairs are so sweet! The cane is in great shape on both of them and they are nice and sturdy.
Look at the little flower! My new favorite find!
This is the second chair, which is now resting in my dining room. Not sure it will stay there once the Christmas decorations are down, but for now I like it.


Anonymous said...

These chairs are gorgeous, and in great condition. I love the flower design on the back. Love the cane too. Very, very nice.