Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some Notes From Yesterday

I mentioned that my son was home on leave for three days, since yesterday was his last day with us for a while, I spent the day with him. I did manage to sneak into Southern Crossings for a quick minute to check on some silver vases I'd seen tucked away on shelf in May. They were still there and had been marked down! On the way to the register, I found this lovely little plate holder. Not bad for under 10 minutes!

Wonder what I'm going to do with the plate holder? Not hold plates! I use them to hold journals and other artwork. I've found 3 others, but they are larger - like this!

With starting to sew again, I checked eBay for vintage fabrics. They have a lot! If you are patient enough to wade through them all, you can find some nice deals. I've purchased two pieces, both shown above on the ladder. The blue floral has the nicest hand. I'm thinking I may use it to make a skirt. I recently bought the pattern and Amy Butler fabric below:

I'll make up this first and see how it goes. Here's a better picture of the blue floral, too.

I think that would make up into the prettiest skirt! Of course, my husband thought it was a tablecloth - a very nice tablecloth, but still!

Enjoy your Saturday and thanks for checking in! I'm going to get better at this, I promise.


Anonymous said...

LOVELY fabrics! I especially like the skirt stuff. (Is it done yet?)

Anonymous said...

Very lovely fabrics indeed. Can't wait to see the skirts. Love the new vases and plate rack...great use of it too.