Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Note About Napkins

Several years ago my son and stepdaughter went on a recycling crusade. To encourage them we made many of the changes they suggested. One that has lasted through the years is that we don't use paper napkins. In their place we've used everything from colorful cottons bought at Pier 1 to bulk washcloths from Sam's Club! Recently it was once again time to replenish the napkin supply. Since I have been working my way back to sewing on a more regular basis (read more than a couple times a year) I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to sew something easy, but useful.

The next time I was in Joann's I bought fat quarters in blue prints, but only five, because that's all they had that I loved. They went together so nicely - I wanted to make more! Back to Joann's where I found nine more that I loved.

I've now retired all the previous napkins to the rag bin and put these lovely new ones in to place. We used them for the first time last night at dinner. I actually believe my guys (Bryn is home for 3 days on leave.) tried to be neater. Seriously. I know it's hard to believe, but they ate more carefully, sat up straight and used all their manners, even the ones they normally save for special! It was a proud moment for me.


Anonymous said...

Well you should be proud! These napkins are absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Who knew the key to civilization was a fat quarter?! I think you've stumbled onto something here! Seriously, those napkins are gorgeous. (I love your blog!)

Anonymous said...

Now you're in for it! I have given you an award! Visit my blog for details. ;)