Monday, July 28, 2008

Introducing Miss Daisy. . .

Please meet Miss Daisy, the newest member of my family! Isn't she lovely? She arrived last Thursday in a most undignified way, in a trash bag with her removable parts tucked inside her and then stuck in a pool box! She did have a safe trip from Washington and really, that's all that mattered. My husband named her before she even arrived, Miss Daisy, as in Pinning Miss Daisy!

Miss Daisy is showing off the apron I finished yesterday. It's a McCall's pattern, 2947, that I bought probably more than a year ago when StudioRose and I were thinking about sewing. It's really easy to put together. I found the pie print at and knew I had to have it. The red print (click on the photo to enlarge - it's a red with a small black floral design) came from Joann's. Buying fabric online is lots of fun and there is a much larger selection, but you can't always tell what will work with it, at least I can't - not yet.

I had hoped to finish this last week to share with you, along with another sewing project, but we had thunderstorms most every day. In our neighborhood, we usually lose power during thunderstorms. Last week was no exception. Slows down the sewing!

Enjoy your Monday!

EDITED TO ADD: Miss Daisy did help me with the apron, she wore it while I made sure the pocket was centered evenly. Pretty cool!


Anonymous said...

Miss Daisy is ROCKIN' that apron! Seriously, it is SO cool - and you whipped it out in no time! LOVE the pie motif, though I have to say I sure have seen a whole LOT of pie around here lately! (Hey, wouldn't a cupcake apron be totally adorable?!)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lovin' that apron on Miss Daisy! Isn't it adorable! Love the fabric, too! I am so impresed with all your accomplishments in sewing AND pies lately. Studio Rose says Miss Daisy is ROCKIN', but I say YOU, my dear, are ROCKIN' even more!