Friday, November 7, 2008

BMT Graduation - The Album

BMT is Basic Military Training. It was just a little over a year ago that Bryn graduated from BMT. We came home from Texas on 10-30-07. I had taken hundreds of photos (no, I'm not exaggerating) but just wasn't sure how I wanted to present them, what I wanted to use with them. As soon as I saw this kit from Carol Wingert, I knew it was going to be perfect. And it is! I've been adding little touches to this almost daily, I know I'm still not finished, but who knows if I ever will be! So I decided to share this with you today in it's present but evolving state.

The left page is a pocket page. Tucked inside are the photos of the very first time we'd seen Bryn since September 11th! We were all so proud of him - you just can't imagine! We were also thrilled he was the Guidon for his team as it made him so very easy to find.

The page on the right, page 3, is also a pocket page. We went to a San Antonio Spurs game and I've tucked programs and things from that into the page. There are also three photos, I've shown you one below.
These are the photos as they are inside the pocket of page 2 - sorry for the flash. This is the Airmans Run. On the back of each photo (There are 3 in total.) I've journaled. There is a lot of journaling in this book and there's plenty of room for it, too.

This is a close up of one of the photos on the right side page, or page 3.

Page 4 is of the Coin Ceremony. Again, ever so glad Bryn was the Guidon, not only was he easy to find but doesn't he look AwESoME!! The Photo flips up to show another photo on the back with some more journaling.
I actually bought these postcards thinking I would mail them to friends at home, but I didn't have stamps and never found a place to buy them! Sorry Lisa and Lisa! It worked out great because look how nice they look in my book! (I promise I think of you both whenever I see them!) I made a pocket with one and added photos and journaling to the other two and tucked them inside. When you lift this page, this is what's underneath.

There are also photos on the other side of the page on top of this one, but I couldn't hold the camera, the page and keep the dogs at bay! These photos were all taken inside Bryn's barracks.

This is 'page 5', a velcro envelope page where I tucked all the information the Air Force sent us, the brochures and schedules. I am so glad to have a place to keep all these things we collected along the way!
These are pages 6 & 7 and are photos of Bryn's actual graduation from Basic Military Training. I have the journaling written and will tuck it into the two little bags on the right side. Once I'm sure I haven't forgotten anything, that is!
This is page 8, a postcard of The Alamo made into a pocket with the brochure and some photos tucked inside.

The right side is the beginning of a tag/flag book! All kinds of room for more photo's. Here's another look at it opened up:
There are a total of 9 tags, which gave me room for 18 more photos and a little bit of journaling!
And finally we come to the last page, the inside cover. (Again, sorry for the flash!) This is probably one of my most favorite photos of Bryn that weekend! I still need to journal this, but I'm taking my time!

Thank you Carol, for such a wonderful kit! I totally love how this turned out and I had a blast putting it together. I love that I still have room to add things as I find them or think of them, and you know I will!

Also, can you see how this inspired me for the cook's journal I posted earlier? Yes, I put this together first and have been tweeking it ever since!


Anonymous said...

Honestly Terri, I think this entire album is absolutely stunning. The attention to detail, all the cool photos, all the flips and turns, just gorgeous. What a beautiful tribute to Bryn. I'm so proud of him!
p.s.- no worries about the postcard -- it looks great in the album!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Terri, what a fabulous book! Such a great way to chronicle all of your son's accomplishments. Please let your son know how much we appreciate his service to our country! Carol