Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Aqua and Red Swap is Here!

This is without a doubt, the very best swap package I've ever received. My partner was Michele at Country Vintage. It's wrapped so pretty, not only is there aqua and red tissue papers and ribbons, but if you look closely there is even a vintage aqua rhinestone button. I so love vintage rhinestone buttons!

Look at all these wonderful goodies!! I LOVE the milk glass bowl filled with vintage red and aqua ornaments, so much so that I changed my dining room linens and well, I'm getting ahead of myself, you'll see that later! There's a box of clean smelling aqua and cream potpourri in the back, some beautiful aqua and red vintage trims, a box of tea - with a charming picture on the box, a mug filled with peppermint kisses, perfect for my tea. There's even a book to peruse while I enjoy a cuppa! See the bottle on the right? Here's a close up for you, cause you're going to want to get close, I promise you.
Look at this loveliness. Michele made this - just for me! Don't you just love it! And look at the bottom, can you see the red and aqua buttons and beads inside? It is so pretty and looks so nice in my studio!
I was so inspired by my wonderful aqua and red goodies, that I had to change linens in my dining room and all the little things I keep there.
I even found a different scrapbook page to display! While it's not aqua and red, I think the black and red works just fine! I think that chair needs a pillow, I'll work on that this weekend.
I moved my lace and button tree from my studio - I never thought of that before. Bryn bought me those three angels for Christmas a few years ago, they are a favorite.

Such an inspirational box! I so appreciate it and you for putting it together for me. Thank you, Michele.


countrygirl3031 said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I'm so bummed that a couple of things's so hard to pack things these days. It was so fun shopping and creating for you!


Anonymous said...

WOWIE - that is one AWESOME swap package! LOVE that bottle. Clearly I need to bring a bag that is large enough to hold it next time I visit! (You won't notice it missing, right?)

Anonymous said...

What a fun swap Terri. You sent and received some very cool things.