Friday, June 25, 2010

Everybody Loves Tim Holtz!

It's been so long since I've posted to, or even visited, my own blog I had to log onto blogger to remember how to get here! Shame on me. Anyway, my BFF, StudioRose, talked me into joining the Compendium of Curiosities Challenge hosted by Linda, on her blog, Studio L3.

Getting off to a good start, I'm jumping right in with Challenge #2! (Okay, I admit I tried the first challenge, I was awful! I'm going to give it another go, so watch for that!) Challenge #2 was Fragment Basics, following is my attempt.
This is the first fragment I made using Paper doll pARTs stamp set, Basic Grey paper and Distress Inks from Tim Holtz. The fragment is attached with a Tim jump ring and then tied on with the same thread (colored with distress ink) that I used in the stitches across the bottom and at the corners of the pocket.

While I was waiting for this to dry I noticed a small round fragment that looked to be the same size as the smallest stamp in the set and made this next.
I attached this tiny little fragment using a Tim jump ring and a mini clip that I slid into a pocket.

I gave a lot of thought on how to use the finished challenges, some are making tag books, and I really liked that idea (StudioRose!). In the end I thought I'd use mine in the projects I was working on. That way I thought I'd not only learn the technique but how to incorporate it into my own work. We'll see how it goes! This is the front cover of a folder/book I'm working on.
The next challenge will be announced on Monday! Check out Linda's blog!