Wednesday, March 25, 2009

For the Love of Birds

I do love all things birds! When I saw the announcement for "The Love of Birds Swap", I signed right up! My partner is Kim and I've truly enjoyed getting to know her and her sweet puppy Emma. The only thing I love more than birds is a puppy! Kim's package goes out this morning, I've scheduled a pickup with my mailman. The photo above is just a little sneak peek of what's inside.
Yesterday Bryn had some time off, we chatted via AIM for a few hours. I sat on my front porch with my laptop, enjoying the weather and my new bench. We had planned on painting it black, but when I really looked I thought a rustic brown would better match the metal that's already there.
My bougainvillea survived the winter - over 19 freezes here in Florida and I can't remember how many hard freezes - lots of them! I kept it covered with an old quilt. It's blooming like crazy right now. The gargoyles are my husbands, he loves them and has a couple more here and there.
This is Bailey, who is very hard to photograph, because he doesn't hold still! He's rubbing up against you, wanting attention. Isn't he pretty!

This is his brother, Ezra. He couldn't care less if you pet him or not, it's more about if he thinks you are worthy to pet him!

Bryn and I were talking about when these guys were kittens. We got them from the shelter and brought them home the weekend of Hurricane Floyd! Not the best time to bring home new kitties, especially when you have two dogs. The spent a lot of time in my bathroom that weekend! Hurricane Floyd came through in September of 1999, which means these guys are almost 10 years old.


Kim's Treasures said...

OHHH I'm excited!!! Your package went out this morning. I took it to the post office and it started to POUR down rain when I was walking in. The package got pretty wet (not soaked through). The postal guy taped the postage down so I pray it sticks! If it comes back to me he said all I need to do is show my receipt to resend it. He said he thought the postage would be ok as is. (I hope so!!!)

Love your porch!!! Those kitties are so pretty! We have 2 them and dogs!

Have a wonderful afternoon!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that bird looks familiar! Your live feed says I'm coming from Brooker today - a couple weeks ago I was from Live Oak! I need to stop moving around; it's getting tiresome!

Man, I wish I'd joined that bird swap. :)

Anonymous said...

LOVED seeing these kitty photos! They're SO handsome/pretty! I am loving that new bench of yours too -- how nice it must be to sit out there, chatting with Bryn and the kitties :) Sounds lovely!