Sunday, February 1, 2009

Studio Pictures - and Cupcakes!

I've had these two shelves for the longest time! I bought the red one months ago and I think I may have posted it on my blog when I got it. The white shelf with the birds I only got a few weeks ago, so not so long really. Murph finally hung them for me yesterday.
They tie in nicely with what is already there, I think. It looked so empty before. Do you remember before?
Here's before. (I share my studio with Brutus - that's his kennel you see on the right. He likes to hang out in there with me when I'm working.)
Here's that same view - sorta - today. Yes, the laptop shrunk! LOL! That's our mini, I have the bigger one in the living room right now.

Now about those cupcakes-
No, I didn't buy a bike! It was Murph's birthday last week, so I took him to the cupcake shop to pick out his birthday treats. The two in the front with the sprinkles are 'birthday cake' and he got those free because we bought a half dozen! These are truly the yummiest cupcakes I've ever had!

Hope you all had a great weekend! (Any Super Bowl watchers?)


Anonymous said...

That bird shelf is awesome! So shabby, so chic! Is Murph going to name it? (I still haven't put up Lady Abigail; I need to find the perfect place for her!)

Anonymous said...

PS: According to your live feed, I'm in Worthington Springs now! Good grief. :)

Anonymous said...

SO pretty! Loving the shelves. Those cupcakes look absolutely delish.

Shabbywears said...

Your studio is adorable. You have inspired me!