Thursday, October 16, 2008

I didn't realize it had been so long since I'd posted!

I live right by this bridge. It's a beautiful old draw bridge and I'm often caught while it's up, waiting for a boat to pass through. I don't usually mind as the view is so pretty! This is where the Ortega River meets the St. Johns River and one of my favorite views of the Jacksonville skyline.

A view from the other side of the bridge - the Ortega River, the side that I live on.
This is my visor. . .

. . . and this is how warm it was! Really not too bad, especially as there was a nice breeze and very little humidity. A nice day to sit on the bridge and watch the boats go by!

Where was I headed you ask? To the used bookstore, of course! I've been reading a lot lately, both audio and print books on my Kindle. I rent most of my audio books from the used bookstore. I just finished reading "The Other Queen", by Philippa Gregory. While it wasn't a bad book, it wasn't a great book either. I enjoyed her other books much more, specifically, "The Other Boleyn Girl", "The Virgin's Lover", and "The Constant Princess". I really do like historical fiction!

I also listened to "Case Histories", which was not historical fiction, but quite good.

I'm between swaps right now and have been working on the photos from Bryn's graduation from basic training - yep, that was a year ago! I don't think you should rush these things! I bought a kit from Carol Wingert that I thought would be nice for a more informal book. It's working out perfectly. I hope to be finished this weekend and will share some photos of my version with you then.

I promise not to be so long between posts!!


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ok, let me try that again! LOL Love the bridge photos -- it's beautiful where you are and you're lucky to see that every day. Cool photos, I enjoyed seeing what you're seeing in your corner of the world!